You Are A Wave In the Vast Ocean of The Universe

“We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You are a wave in the vast ocean of the Divine.

Not separate from the whole, but fully encompassed by the whole.

Unique in form and a manifestation of

Every Thing.

Most of what we now consider organized religion cannot handle the idea of one-ness. The idea that if it is True somewhere, it is True everywhere. The notion that we are not separate beings, but rather we are each a unique manifestation of Being. The Truth that we are all made from and will all fall back into the Divine/God/Universe/Source.

Instead of proclaiming the Good News, THAT WE ARE ALL ONE AND WE ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY ACCEPTED AS WE ARE, the system tends to build walls that keep ideas/people/cultures/nations on the outside. A radically exclusive relationship, rather than a radically inclusive one.

The irony is that this way of thinking is at complete odds with the Truth of the great prophets. With Love. With Grace. With Being.

“God is all that is. God is all that is happening at every moment . . . [J]ust as a wave is a “keeper of” the ocean in its particular place and time, so are you a keeper of God in your particular place and time. To realize this about yourself is to realize it about all beings.— Rabbi Rami Shapiro

The idea that you could be separate from that which you came from is non-sense. However, this is not to believe that you are more than that which you came from or, even harder still, that you are more than any another unique manifestation (people, nature, etc.).

You are a unique manifestation of the Divine. But so is your co-worker. And that tree out the window. Each a unique wave in the glorious, dynamic and ever change ocean of Being itself. To trust this flow will change your life.

This idea is what the great mystics have been trying to give language to for thousands of years. That we are all One Being. All made “of God” as Julian of Norwich put it, but not in ourselves God.

The wave is NOT the Ocean. However, to argue that the wave is somehow separate FROM the Ocean is complete lunacy.

So go live your moments and days with the conviction of a wave that for this brief moment in time has the incomprehensible fortune to be the Ocean.

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