Uber Seeks New “Right Hand” in Wake of Sexual Tsunami

The Scoop

The Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, announced to his staff at an all-hands meeting today that the company is “actively looking for a Chief Operating Officer: a peer who can partner with me to write the next chapter in our journey.”

What’s The Big Deal?

The announcement comes in the wake of the all-hands-on-deck investigation into allegations of sexual harassment, after a former engineer, Susan Fowler, released an atomic bomb of sexual harassment complaints in a recent blog post about her “very weird year at Uber.”

Shortly after Ms. Fowler’s post went viral, two top Uber exec, engineering head Amit Singhal and product head Ed Baker, left the company. A sign of things to come, I presume.

Who do they want?

Following Facebook’s playbook in their times of struggle, the taxi-hailing company is on the lookout for a top female executive to fill the role and tame the Brofest. According to Recode, the frontrunners are Disney COO Tom Staggs and CVS’ Helena Foulkes.

The Bottom Line

Uber, longed viewed as the most valuable unicorn in the history of Silicon Valley, is up against some deep you know what. With managerial concerns, top exec’s leaving, and a full-blown investigation into sexual harassment allegations by none other than former Attorney General, Eric Holder, it is in dire need of a facelift.

However you spin it, when it rains it tends to pour. For the tech giant to regain its foothold, it may need to do more than place a bandaid on a gapping hole. Hopefully, for Kalanick, the Board will wait to see, like Facebook, if a new COO can reset order and bring the company back from oblivion.

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