The freedom of simplicity

In modern society, it is often a badge of honor to be busy.

To work 12+ hour days. To achieve numerous goals. To have so many obligations that your schedule is overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.

If there was an upside to covid, in my opinion, it was the complete removal of “busyness” in most people’s lives.

We were able to re-examine the way we were living, the things we were doing, the obligations we just “had” to complete.

And what most people found out is this…most of it didn’t matter.

There is freedom in simplicity. There is freedom in guardrails. There is freedom in structure.

Firstly, freedom “to” do more meaningful things with your time rather than running around completing arbitrary tasks in the hopes of future payouts.

Secondly, freedom “from” unnecessary obligations and tasks.

As the world reopens, make sure to be critical of what you let creep back into your life.

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