Saturday Slack (4/3/2021)

The weekend affords us slack.

It gives us time to reflect, entertain ourselves, or forget the week we just had (at least for 48 hours).

There is no greater feeling, for me at least, then waking up early on the weekend and diving into interesting topics that I’ve saved during the week.

What follows below, is what I’m calling Saturday Slack.

It will be a weekly aggregation newsletter, sent on Saturday mornings, of the most interesting articles, books, podcasts, etc. that I’ve found valuable over the past week.

The subjects will be varied, as my mind tends to wander from the Talmud to SaaS cap tables within the same hour, but I digress.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and if you know anyone who would enjoy getting an email, they can sign up here.

Quick note: We just passed 3,000 subscribers in the community. I’m so grateful for you all sharing this with your network, without you that wouldn’t have been possible.


Pick it up, but if you are a hard charging, type-A person like I am. It will force you to look at your shadow self in ways you may not be ready for yet, but it impacted me more than any book in recent memory.

Success becomes the supreme value and failure the greatest sin because it fails to justify the sacrifice of the father.



If you have anything you’ve enjoyed recently, please send it my way!

Love learning from this growing (we just passed 3k subscribers!) community.



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