Richard, thank you so much for your perspective. It is so refreshing to have open dialogue about these things. I understand that my priorities and views will change as I age, but one view will never change, watching the news will never make me a more happy or content person. I believe enough people do that part without me needing to. However, I do believe in civic duty, specifically helping out in the local community, which I do often. At the moment, I do not believe the best place to focus my own attention and assets is with the white house, I believe it is in the grassroots. Helping one person at a time, and my hope is the ripples will create a wave that starts a movement. I am not just an idealistic millennial, I have been through the ringer, I have held top jobs, I have started businesses and successfully sold them. My goal in life is impact. And right now, I believe that is with the people, not with politics. As you said this may change, but I can only do what I can do. And my hope that that is enough.

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