Play Away Your Anxiety

In the depths of my anxious times, I came across a book by Charlie Hoehn (a former Tim Ferriss employee) that completely reversed how I viewed anxiety.

The book, Play It Away, details Charlie’s own journey through debilitating anxiety and how he was able to conquer it through play.

Although that may sound glib, after trying it for myself, I can now honestly share it with you all as it had a similar impact on my own journey.

As a recovering “non-hobbyist,” my days used to be completely focused on achievement and personal development. I wouldn’t read something unless it had an impact on my career growth nor would I spend time on hobbies that didn’t have the opportunity to make money.

However, this past year, one of my non-goals was to not do anything entrepreneurial, whether that be books, activities, or even thinking about business ideas (one of my main sources of anxiety).

This gave me the much needed “space” to focus on activities without needing them to prove an ROI. I was able to sign up for a tennis clinic, play a lot of (bad) golf, and join a platform tennis league.

Although my skill level at all of these was far below average, the impact they had on my mental health was incredible. They allowed me to break free from the monkey mind and give myself time to just play.

I highly encourage you all to re-examine the child inside of you to see how play could add to your own journey.

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