Paint the damn basement

This week, we are putting our family home on the market.

As part of the preparation process, our realtor made a few suggestions to make the home stand out a bit more from the pack. One of the said suggestions was to paint the basement to give a new buyer a feel for how they could use the space.

The basement was never in bad shape, but over the past two years, we never took the time to update it or make it a place where we’d want to spend time.

However, after a few hours of cleaning and painting, the space looks great.

It made us think about why we hadn’t just spent the time while we lived here to update the space and actually enjoy it. Why did we wait until we were ready to move to “paint the damn basement.”

This phrase, Paint the Damn Basement, has become a sort of mantra for us now to live life as fully as you can now.

It means to not push things down the road. To do the things that bring you energy now. To plow through the near team pain today. To stop putting things off to an unknown future.

Do you have a “basement” in need of painting?

If so, get to work today. Even the smallest little bit, consistently done every day, will lead to massive progress a year from now.

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