Manufacturing versus Transforming

The vitality that can stand the abyss of meaninglessness is aware of a hidden meaning within the destruction of meaning. — Paul Tillich

One typically involves plans, notebooks, ideas, thoughts, timelines. In a word, it involves YOU.

The other involves very little planning, note taking, or dreaming. It requires faith, grace, surrender, sitting with the uncomfortable.

In a sense, it involves very little. Instead, what matter, is your way of .

It is much easier to plan, to do, to idealize, to rely on yourself to accomplish something big. However, that is not how transformation happens.

Transformation can only come when you completely surrender to a power larger and bigger than yourself.


Because when it happens, you have no basis for credit. The credit must be given to something external from you.

This concept is very hard for most of us to understand, let alone put into practice. It is rarely fun the whole way through.

BUT…if you endure the dark abyss, it will change how you see everything.

And THAT may just be worth it.

Let’s Fall Inward, Shall We

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