Hey CHRIS FOWLER thank you so much for your response and for your patience as I fumble my way through this “writing” thing. I am new, so I apologize for any lack of clarity in the piece. It was my fault not the book.

I agree, a huge problem with a lot of self-help is that they give models of success but rarely details, in part because each individual situation is different, which is the reason I paid for the coach I have now.

I will do my absolute best to distill here for you what I believe should be your NEXT step. The problem I have still is that I think constantly about the long term goal and not about the action I have in front of me today that is needed in order to move me 1% closer. With that, I begin:

Main Goal: Move to South of England.

First Step: Remove Assumptions

It seems like you feel you need to buy a property in order to move? Is that actually the case? Or is that a belief you have?

Maybe you rent a shit apartment for 6-months until you can find suitable work and then think about buying the property after that. If it is truly your goal to move there you may need to give up some of your assumptions.

Second Step: Model the Successful

I have found immense benefit from modeling those who have successfully done what I want to do. So, maybe find 3–5 people who have relocated to the South of England and ask them in DETAIL how they did it. Then model them. There is a reason they were successful. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Do what works.

Third Step: Figure out the all in cost it require on a monthly basis to live there. Including the moving cost.

Go here for a really good monthly expense calculator: http://fourhourworkweek.com/expense-calculator/

Fourth Step: Find Income Source(s) to support your dream

So, now that you have you target monthly earnings that it would require to move to your dream destination, we need to figure out how you can find income sources that will support you.

What do you do for work? What skills or hobbies do you spend an inordinate amount of time on? Do you have any savings? Do you have a family? What work is there available in south London? Could you be a bartender? A waiter at a pub?

Once you know how much it will cost you per month to live where you want, it is easier to back into the income.

How I did it: My first side business was selling custom jerseys on campus. It was simple. I was in college and everyone was buying apparel for obscene prices. I knew there was arbitrage here. So I acted. LIKE I SAID THIS IS KEY. So many people know exact what the should do, like in your case move to the south of England, but get caught up by excuses. Don’t be that guy. Fucking move. Figure out the rest later.

I found a supplier on Alibaba and a designer on Upwork. I paid $8 for the jerseys and sold them for $40 a piece. Net profit after taxes and shipping came out to $20 a jersey. My target income to quit my job and move to NYC was 2,000/month. So, if I could just sell 100 jerseys a month or 4 a day I could do it. It wasn’t very hard to do.

I hope this is a good starting place. Contact me here with any other questions and i’d love to talk more offline, completely FREE!

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